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OnLevel Adjustable Railing System

The OnLevel Adjustable Railing System is an incredible new innovation brought to the North American Market for the first time by Morse Industries.  This revolutionary Dry Glaze Railing allows the installer to adjust the glass from side to side eliminating the need to have the shoe perfectly plumb.  OnLevel by Morse Industries now offers a solution to the largest drawback experienced by dry glaze railing installers. 


6020 Base Shoe
Flex-Fit 3.0
3010 Base Shoe
Flex-Fit 1.0
6031 Base Shoe
6021 Base Shoe
6030 Base Shoe
Flex-Fit Tool
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Adjustable Plumb

  • Glass can be adjusted vertically by up to 1-5/16”

European Innovation

  • Brand new to North America
  • Smart, intuitive design

30% Time Savings

  • No shimming of shoe
  • No messy cement
  • Simple, easy to use tools and accessories

Broad Grip Range

  • Accomodates ½” to 1-1/4” Glass
  • Works with tempered and laminate glass

Flexible Configurations

  • Bottom mount, edge mount, fascia mount, imbedded
  • Multiple base shoe choices for varying conditions


Product Details


  • For Monolithic and Laminate Glass
  • Glass Thicknesses from 1/2” to 1-1/4”
  • Plumb adjustment of up to 1-5/16”
  • Can be installed from one side
  • 30% time savings vs. traditional glass railing
  • Easy Installation with the Flex-Fit Mechanism

Additional Information

  • Bottom-mount & Fascia Mount Available
  • Multiple Base Shoe Profiles for varying applications
  • Cladding & Top Rail Available
  • Suitable for Interior & Exterior Applications
  • Professional Estimation & Shop Drawing Service Available
  • Custom Engineering Available for Special Situations



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