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PanelGrip®2 Dry Glaze System - New

PanelGrip®2 facilitates the quick assembly of structural glass railing without messy fillers or special tools resulting in significant savings in labor and shipping costs.

PanelGrip®2 Splice View
PanelGrip®2 Isolator Reduced Size

  • Reduce Labor Costs up to 80% - No setting blocks, no plumbing of glass, no multiple pours of cement, no waiting for cement to cure, no messy clean-up
  • Broadest Grip Range of any Dry Glaze System – Made for range of 1/2” to 13/16” tempered and laminate glass (12.7mm to 21.5mm)
  • No Special Tools Required – All you need is an Allen wrench for installation or removal
  • No Mess – No mixing and pouring of expansion cement, no running of cement on incline


The PanelGrip®2 base shoe and mechanism are sold as a system and are subject to one or more of the following patents: US7730682, US8181405, NZ581456, CA2697162, EP2171180 and AU2008282693.

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