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Aluminum Base Shoes

Base Section Hole Drilling Patterns (Optional)

Custom hole drilling for aluminum base is available with four standard drilling patterns for 1/2” cap screws and bolts. For standard drilling patterns, drilling begins 6” from the end and continues every 12” on center.

  • Handrail Base Sections

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    Extruded 6063-T5 or 6005-T5 Aluminum Bottom Rails in mill finish (other lengths available upon request). Codes for stocked drilling patterns can be found in the diagram above.

    • A42-0064 A42-0064
    • A42-0076 A42-0076
    • A42-0088 A42-0088
    • A42-0090 A42-0090
    • A42-0099 A42-0099
    Part # Description Length
    A42-0064 Undrilled 20' Lengths
    A42-0076 Drilling 12' or 20' Lengths
    A42-0088 Counter Bore 12' or 20' Lengths
    A42-0090 Drilling, Counter Bore, Side Drill, Undrilled 12' or 20' Lengths
    A42-0099 Counter Bore 12' Lengths
  • Lightweight Base Shoe - New

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    • A42-0091-Drawing A42-0091
    Part # Description Length
    A42-0091 Counter Bore, Side Drill 12’ or 20’
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