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  • Kwixset

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    Portland cement based, Non-shrink, Non-metallic grout for use in interior or exterior glazing applications (wet or dry locations). *Important – Kwixset must not come in contact with unprotected aluminum or laminated glass.

    • kwixset G42-10402
    Part # Description
    G42-10402 Grout for use in interior or exterior glazing applications (wet or dry locations)
  • Rockite

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    Gypsum based, Non – Shrink, Non- Metallic grout for use in interior glazing applications (dry locations only).

    • rockite G42-10051
    Part # Description
    G42-10051 Grout for use in interior glazing applications (dry locations only)
  • Aluminum Base Drain Block

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    Placed under exterior installed base shoes to provide drainage space for water runoff. Great for balconies and decks. 10 blocks per package.

    • A42-0013-10
    Part # Measurement
    A42-0013-10 2 1/4" x 2 1/2" x 3/8"
  • Steel Weld Block

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    Welded to steel substrate to allow base shoe to be fastened using machine screws.

    • S42-0013-10
    Part # Measurement Ø
    S42-0013-10 2 1/4" x 2 1/2" x 1/2" 1/2" - 13 Tapped Hole
  • Setting Block for Base Sections

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    Setting block supports and protects glass when fitted in the base section and is available for both 1/2” and 3/4” glass. Easily center glass in base shoe and support panels during expansion cement installations. We recommend two 4” pieces located at quarter points along the bottom of each panel.  Resilient EPDM provides durability and longevity, is stocked in 25’ coils, and can be cut to any size.

    • V50-0002BKA25_0006BKA25
    Part # Description
    V50-0002BKA25 Setting Block for 1/2” Glass
    V50-0006BKA25 Setting Block for 3/4” Glass
  • Spacer Blocks

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    Die cut, high density foam spacing and sealing pads with adhesive on one side to act as spacers. 1/4" thick x 3 7/16" tall.

    • V50-0010N
    Part # Description
    V50-0010 For 1/2" Glass
    V50-0011 For 3/4" Glass
  • Stainless Steel Adhesive

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    SS High Strength Fixative.

    • R19-1331-000-00 R19-1331-000-00
    Part # Description
    R19-1331-000-00 Stainless Steel Adhesive, 1.69 fl oz
  • Plustar High Bond Cladding Tape

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    • NEW v50-0012 V50-0012
    Part # Length
    V50-0012 NEW 108 ft. Roll
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