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Aluminum Round Top Rails

  • Aluminum Round Top Rails

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    Extruded, 6063-T6, mill and clear anodize finishes are standard. Stocked in 20’ lengths.

    • 6063-T6
    Part # A B C D
    A56-0200 1 29/32" 3/4" 1 1/4" 1/8"
  • Aluminum Connector Sleeves

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    Connector Sleeves are used to connect Top Rail and railing sections together.

    • A56-02xxCS
    Part # A Tubing Size
    A56-0200CS 1 5/8" 1 29/32” x .125 wall
  • Aluminum Top Rail End Caps

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    Mill and brushed finishes are standard.

    • S16-0112-0400EC
    Part # A B
    A56-0200EC 1 29/32” .125"
  • Aluminum Mitered Corners

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    Fabricated from Morse Industries Top Rail and welded. Mill finish is standard. All corners are fabricated per order. Please specify degree and location of glass pocket.

    • S16-0112-0400C
    Part # A B C D
    A56-0200C 1 29/32” 3/4” 2 5/8” 4”
  • Protective Insert for Top Rails

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    Rigid vinyl protective insert is available for 1/2” glass. Providing a protective barrier, the insert protects glass panels when fitted inside top rail as well as aiding in alignment during installation. Stocked in 10 ft. lengths. These vinyl inserts are not compatible with 1 1/2” top rail.

    • V50-000XBKA10
    Part # Description
    V50-0001BKA10 Top Rail Insert for 1/2” Glass
  • Top Rail to Wall Support Mount

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    Morse Industries Wall Support Mount provides lateral support if Top Rail is to be attached to a wall surface. Use #10, 82 degree countersunk fasteners. The Wall Support Mount is not designed for use with the 1 1/2”, 1.7” or 1.9” Top Rail.

    • A42-0010AEY A42-0010AEY
    Part #
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