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Slider Door Design

True bypass doors are left or right plumbing compatible and include a dual profile reversible header (Euro Style / Traditional).  Euro Style Towel Bar included in every kit.  Available for 60” standard sized tubs or 48” to 60” showers. Tub height 60” and shower height 71”. Stocked in polished bright chrome and brushed nickel finishes.

Cascade Shower Door System Slider Door


  • Semi Frameless Design
  • True Bypass Doors (Easier cleaning, left or right plumbing compatible)
  • 1/4” Glass Standard
  • Dual profile reversible header (Euro Style / Traditional)
  • Euro Style Towel Bar Standard
  • Tempered Safety Glass with Polished Edges – Available in Clear and P516 Obscure
  • All hardware mounted through glass (No clamped or glued components)
  • Stay Clean Sill (Eliminates build up, easy to clean)
  • Simple Installation
  • Available for Standard Sized Tub (60”) or Shower (48” to 60”)

Morse Part Number Code and Key



Tub Widths: 60”
Shower Widths: 48”, 54” and 60”

Example of Tub Slider Part Number
Clear Glass 60” x 60” Chrome Finish

Example of Shower Slider Part Number
Clear Glass 48” x 71” Brushed Nickel Finish


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