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Headers & Accessories

Both header and snap in filler insert are available in polished bright chrome, brushed nickel, or oil rubbed bronze.

  • Shower Headers

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    Shower Header, sold in 12ft and 98in lengths

    • A42-7469 A42-7469
    Part #
  • Frameless Shower Header Kit

    Shower Header Kitsa are available in chrome, brushed nickel, and oil rubbed bronze.

    Part # Description
    A42-7480 Includes Shower Header, Snap In Filler Insert, Vinyl Insert and a set of Brass Wall Mounts
  • Snap in Filler

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    Snap in filler insert is available in 3' and 6' lengths.

    • A42-7479 A42-7479
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  • Flexible Vinyl Insert

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    Clear Vinyl Insert for 3/8" Glass.  Clear flexible vinyl insert is sold by the foot.

    • V11-0030 V11-0030
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  • Brass Connectors

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    Brass Wall Mount Anchor Set

    • B42_9796 B42-9796
    Part #
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