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  • Glass Supported Systems

    Brochures related to Morse's Panel Grip Dry Glaze, Wet Glaze and Floor Clamp Glass railing systems.

    • Glass Wedge Flyer

      Glass Wedge Flyer

      The patented GlassWedge™ System consists of a high impact plastic wedge and a high strength Aluminum Wedge. The GlassWedge™ provides the installer with a simpler, cleaner method of setting tempered glass panels in base shoe moulding.

    • Glass Panel Railing

      Glass Panel Railing

      Our new Glass Panel Railing Systems allow you to install high quality, sleek panel railing in a fraction of the time traditional systems require. This means quicker installation, less labor and cost savings. With the use of the system’s bonding agent, it’s no longer necessary to weld connections resulting in a cleaner look. Round system components come in type 304 and 316 stainless steel.

    • PanelGrip® Dry Glaze System Data Sheet

      PanelGrip® Dry Glaze System Data Sheet

      PanelGrip® facilitates the quick assembly of structural glass railing without messy fillers or special tools resulting in significant savings in labor and shipping costs.

    • Estimating, Engineering & Shop Drawings

      Estimating, Engineering & Shop Drawings

  • Architectural Trims & Molding

    Brochures related to Morse's Architectural Trims products.

    • Architectural Glass & Mirror Trims

      Architectural Glass & Mirror Trims

      Morse products including Mirror Images, J Channels, Divider Bar, Flat Bars, U Channels, Angles, Slide Track Systems and Smart Lock Bypass Door Systems are described.

    • Commercial Extrusions

      Commercial Extrusions

      Morse Industries offers a complete line of matching channels, angles, and fl at bar for commercial glass shops. These commercial extrusions are used in a variety of applications such as tenant improvements for windows or doors, floor to ceiling application glass walls (malls and retail storefronts) and much more. Most heavy channels and angles are available in 20 foot lengths and flat bar in 16 foot lengths.

  • Shower Products

    Brochures related to Morse's Shower Products.

    • Harmony Gliding Shower System

      Harmony Gliding Shower System

      The minimalistic hardware and sleek design on the Harmony Frameless Shower System create a frameless look that aesthetically pleasing and affordable.

    • New Shower Products Brochure

      New Shower Products Brochure

      Morse Industries is proud to offer a wide variety of solid brass and stainless steel hardware as well as ultra-clear polycarbonates and vinyls.

    • Frameless Shower

      Frameless Shower

      Morse Industries shower hinges are made of solid brass with all moving parts (pins and springs) in stainless steel. Our shower towel bars and pulls are constructed of 3/4” (19mm) stainless steel or brass tubing (inquire for availability) and are available in finishes matching our frameless shower hinge collection. U-Channels are typically used for fixed panel frameless shower systems. Available in polished bright chrome, polished bright gold, brushed nickel, oil rub bronze, and oil rub bronze metallic finishes in 8’ and 12’ lengths.

    • Tranquility Gliding Shower Door System

      Tranquility Gliding Shower Door System

      A contemporary and elegant take on a semi frameless shower kit. Built with quality, specially designed to never warp or wear down, this system comes with pre-fabricated threaded holes for easy installation.

  • Slide Track Systems

    Brochures related to Morse's Slide Track Systems products.

    • Smart Lock Systems

      Smart Lock Systems

      Smart Lock is a European style lock system designed for use with 1/4” glass, acrylic or wood. It features a lock and clip that secures both doors to a slide track. The result is a safe, stable system with no rattling. Lock assembly can be installed for either right or left hand use and can be ordered in sets; keyed alike or mixed key. Installation can be completed in five easy steps...clean and quick.

  • Marine

    Brochures related to Morse's Marine products, including Houseboats.

    • H2UBE Channel Tubing Brochure

      H2UBE Channel Tubing Brochure

      Introducing a new way of building dodgers,biminis, awnings or any canvas applicationwhere a tight, smooth look is desired. H2UbeChannel Tubing incorporates two channelswithin an extruded bright anodized tube.

    • Houseboat Products Brochure

      Houseboat Products Brochure

      Houseboat products from Morse, including Aluminum Oval Tubing, End Caps & Connectors, Aluminum Pipe & Pad, Aluminum Rub Railwith Vinyl Insert, Aluminum Moldings & Trims.

    • Boat Top Hardware Brochure

      Boat Top Hardware Brochure

      Morse Boat Top Hardware including: Stainless Steel and Aluminum Tubing, Square Aluminum Tubing, Square Aluminum Top Fittings, Stainless Steel Top Fittings, Zamak Top Fittings, Nylon Fittings, Mooring Poles, Canvas Top Frames, Awning Rails and Vinyl Welt.

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